The Plum Guide came about because four entrepreneurial travel and hospitality enthusiasts were fed up with hit and miss accommodation experiences. We knew that there were great spaces and hosts out there, but they were just so hard to find.

After researching over 2000 trips we realised that we were not the only ones having these issues. People like you and me were having the same problems finding and booking amazing homes to stay at.

And that’s it. Plum stands for people like you and me. The guide part of the name, well we have two answers for how that came about;

  1. We aspire to be the Michelin Guide of the sharing economy.
  2. We couldn’t get It's apparent that four letter domain names are as rare as pixie dust nowadays. We are still on the hunt for it though. If the owners are out there and interested in having a chat about, we would love to speak to you! :)