Unlike other property rental sites that cater to a wider audience, we extensively test each property to ensure that it meets our high expectations. 

Our four stage testing process is as follows;

Stage 1: We find the highest reviewed spaces

Our computers and team go through 25 different sites to make a shortlist of the highest reviewed spaces in the city. We then shorten the list further by removing any spaces that are not beautifully designed or in great locations.

Stage 2: We test the spaces against 32 criteria

We then send a hospitality expert to test the space against 32 criteria, from shower pressure and quality of linen through to unique touches like fireplaces and roof top terraces. We also evaluate the host’s ability to recommend amazing restaurants, bars, and local experiences.

Stage 3: We select only the best spaces and hosts

Every week we hold the Plum Jam: a live session with all of our curators where our testers, designers, photographers and hospitality experts debate who should be awarded a Plum Star and who shouldn’t.

You should see us evaluate a space. We have an unhealthy obsession with design aesthetics, comfort standards, service levels and what makes a good holiday stay.

And we mean u.n.h.e.a.l.t.h.y!

You will find us arguing for an hour about whether a living room is cosy enough for a group of six to spend a day lounging in. Or having a ferocious debate about what mattress brand provides the best night sleep.

Stage 4: We craft the listing

Once accepted, our photographers and copywriters photograph the space and interview the host. We learn about the experience they are trying to create and their local recommendations for food and drink. Our Studio team then design the listing. They bring to life the magic of the space and host, and just as importantly, highlight any quirks that may not be to everyone’s taste.