If you want to contact a host, you can send them a message through The Plum Guide platform.

Before booking a reservation

If you want to contact a host before you have 'request to book' their home, you can do so by clicking the 'Contact host' button at the bottom of the listing. Simply add the dates you wish to enquire about, along with the number of guests in your party and enter your message. When you're done, click send.

For your safety and privacy, do not give away any personal contact details before your reservation has been accepted.

During a booking

If your booking has been accepted by the host, you can continue to contact the host through the messaging system on The Plum Guide platform. You can also contact the host using the booking details provided in the booking confirmation.

After a booking

If you need to contact a host after you have checked out, you can contact the host through the messaging system on The Plum Guide platform.

If you have any issues that you need to resolve with the host, please email The Plum Guide; info@plumguide.com.