Yes The Plum Guide is safe and secure. Safety is an absolute priority for The Plum Guide, its guests and hosts.

We have gone to great lengths to protect our hosts and guests. Specifically;

  • Technology: We have invested a great deal in our infrastructure, implementing state of the art technology to identify and immediately stop suspicious behaviour and users.
  • Sophisticated Payment System: All payments are handled through The Plum Guide's secure payment system. This instantly rids of the worry that you need to transfer money to strangers. On the unlikely event that a guest is not happy with the property they have booked on arrival, we are able to withhold the payment to the host while the issues are resolved. In a similar fashion, we are able to hold the guests credit card incase of an issue occurring during their stay at a hosts property.
  • Reviews: We will be in touch with all of our guests and hosts after each guest has checked out to uncover how their stay was.