You will be notified via email and through your Plum Guide account if your have received a request from a guest to stay at your property.

When you receive a request to book from a guest, we advice that you check the dates and length of stay that the guest has requested. You may also wish to review the message that the guest has left you to make a decision as to whether you wish to proceed with their booking or not.

If you are happy with the guest booking your property and you have clicked 'Confirm', your guest can go ahead and book your property for their desired nights. We highly recommend that you accept or decline bookings as soon as possible - ideally within 24hours.

After you have confirmed the booking, payment is taken from the guest and you will receive an email confirming the guest and their contact details. The guest will also receieve a booking confirmation with your contact details.

Please note that if you decline a booking, this will negatively effect your visibility in search results.

If your property is listed for Instant booking, you won’t receive any request to booking enquiries from guests. The only communication you will receive will be a booking confirmation email once the guest’s payment has been processed. It's a very simple way of hosting if you are looking for an easy life.