We very much hope you don’t cancel – but hey, life gets complicated and sometimes your plans may change.

To cancel a booking, go to 'Your reservations' in your profile. You can then change or cancel your bookings from there.

In the event you must cancel, we will work really hard to find the guest an alternative accommodation at the same price.

However, if we can only find a viable alternative that is more expensive, you will be liable to pay the difference in per night accommodation charges (up to 20% above the price of their per night accommodation charges with you).

In other words, if their per night accommodation charge with you was £500, you may be liable to pay up to £100 in cancellation fees.  Note that we will try very hard avoid this charge.  You expressly agree that we are entitled to deduct the relevant monies from the credit card that you provided when your listing was created. We will not act on your credit card without notifying you first.

Please understand that the Plum Mark stands for excellence in hospitality and as such we must employ extremely high standards when it comes to cancellations.  In any one year, if you cancel a booking more than twice, you will automatically lose your Plum Mark.