The Plum Guide allows you to import calendars from other websites that support the 'iCal' format, as well as export its own iCal link.

iCal is a file format that allows users to create and share electronic calendars. iCal enables you to have a single-calendar view for all your bookings and more.

Before you start to sync your calendars, ensure that you are logged into both your Google Calendar account and The Plum Guide account. Have each website open on separate tabs in your web browser.

If you wish to import your Google calendar to The Plum Guide you should follow these steps;

  1. Within your Google calendar, on the left hand side there will be a little arrow next to the calendar you wish to import to The Plum Guide. Select this and you should see an option called 'Calendar settings'
  2. You will be automatically taken to another page. At the bottom of the page, there is a section called 'Calendar Address'
  3. Click on the 'ICAL' link within this section. This will provide you with a web link that you need to copy
  4. You can now paste this calendar link into the 'URL' section (note you can also import your calendar link on 'Your listings' when you are logged into your host account).

If you wish to export your Plum Guide calendar to your Google Calendar you should follow these steps;

If you are exporting your calendar link for the first time, you can select 'Export your Plum calendar' to get your Plum Guide iCal link, in the 'Sync your Calendar' section. Copy the link, then go to step 5 to find out how you can upload it to Google Calendar. If your listing has already been published follow all of the steps below.

  1. Hover over 'Host' on the top right menu bar, when you are logged into your Plum Guide account
  2. Select 'Your listing'
  3. Click 'Export Calendar' at the bottom of the page
  4. Copy the link that appears
  5. Paste the link into a new tab in your web browser. It should automatically create a file that will end in '.ics'.
  6. Go to your Google Calendar settings (follow the instructions above to show you how to get here)
  7. Select 'Import Calendar' - it is towards the bottom of the page
  8. A pop up box will appear, select 'Choose file' and select the file that you downloaded that ends in '.ics'.
  9. Select 'Import'.

If you have any problems uploading your calendar, please email