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Will my cancellation policy be changed?

The guest cancellation policy is set by you and you are subject to a host penalty for cancelling reservations. There will be limited circumstances where as a result of COVID-19 the cancellation policy and the host penalty may not apply legally. Please reach out to via the host help form to discuss whether this applies to your booking.

COVID-19 related cancellations

As a result of COVID-19, there will be circumstances where it is not possible for you to host or for your guest to travel and so the contract may be cancelled without penalty.  

What does this mean? 

With travel restrictions rapidly changing, we are currently reviewing all cancellations until the 15th of October on a case by case basis.

If your guest’s check in is more than one month away, we would request you not to contact us unless you are sure you want to cancel in line with our host penalty. 

NOTE: From 15 March 2020 your guests chosen cancellation policy will apply regardless of Coronavirus in most cases.

Bookings with a check in date after the 15th of October 2020
As the situation remains uncertain and highly changeable, we are monitoring the circumstances and will provide an update in due course. If your guest’s check-in is more than one month away, we would recommend you do not contact us, since we will only be able either to move your booking or cancel it in line with current policies.

Should you require further information on later dates - please revert back to this page closer to the guest’s check-in date.