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Where can I find reviews from past guests?

We don’t have public reviews which was a deliberate choice when we launched The Plum Guide. We’ve done a lot of research on customer reviews and discovered that 95% of homes on Airbnb have 4.5* or more, but the quality varies massively with disappointment rife within the sector. We therefore believe the customer peer-to-peer review system is flawed and are replacing it with an independent review system that is more reliable, trustworthy, and consistent... A bit like what the Michelin Guide is to the restaurant sector.

We want our guests to feel like they have hit the jackpot every time they stay with us, so when we launch a new destination we first create a database of all the homes available in that market with a review score of 4.5* or higher across every platform. Instead of relying on those customer reviews, we then use hospitality experts to vet every home (and host) we list to ensure the design, amenities, and hospitality services are sufficient to qualify for Plum selection (more details here).

That's not to say we don't value guest feedback... After each stay, we ask our guests to comment on what they love and if there is anything that could have been improved and we work directly with the hosts to implement these ideas. Guaranteeing quality is at the core of what we do, so if a home or host falls short, we will not hesitate to remove it from our platform and strip it of its Plum Guide status.

Our reputation is our most important asset after all...

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