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Are infants and children allowed?

Most hosts allow infants and children. If they don't, it will be listed in the house rules.

How do I search for homes that are child-friendly?

To search for homes with minimal or no stairs click on the ‘filters’ box on the top right-hand side of the search bar:

You can then scroll down to the 'Family and Pets' section and select the ages of any children you are traveling with. Anyone over 12 is considered an 'adult':

Do infants and children count as guests?

Every person staying in the home over the age of 1 counts as a guest.

Is the host able to provide a cot or high chair?

If it is not highlighted on the listing then it is best to contact the host to discuss what they can and can't provide in terms of baby equipment, and any associated costs.

Is there a child-safety fence around the pool?

If it is not highlighted on the listing or shown in the photos then it is unlikely there is a fence to put around the pool. If it is unclear please contact the host to discuss.

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