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Availability & Pricing

Availability and pricing accuracy plus pending booking requests and host declines

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Is the availability shown on the website accurate?

In short, yes, the availability shown on the site should absolutely be accurate!

To qualify as a Plum host there are certain standards that need to be met in terms of service. Availability is one of the most important and is therefore something we monitor very closely. All Plum hosts must ensure all external calendars are synced correctly and commit to keeping all seasonal rates and other information up-to-date at all times. This is clearly laid out in section 2.4 of our host agreement which must be agreed to before we publish the home on the website. If they don't, they are removed from the platform.

If you would prefer to check with your host before making the booking you can contact them directly.

This home shows zero availability, is that correct?

In some cases, hosts may have recently taken a long-term tenant so it is indeed correct. In others, hosts may not have opened their calendars yet for that season. On average, hosts will open calendars around 12 months in advance.

Is the price the total?

Yes - you just need to make sure the correct dates and number of guests are entered on the listing and the price displayed will be the correct total in your home currency inclusive of all taxes and fees. There are no hidden charges and nothing to add on top.

I can't see the calendar to check prices and availability...

If there is no calendar displayed on the listing it means that this home is not currently bookable. This is usually because the home is 'under review' as to whether or not they still meet our standards e.g. we have identified that their availability or pricing is incorrect, or we have visited the home and are waiting for them to make changes in order for it to be in the top 3%.

Why does the price change once I enter my dates and/or the number of guests?

There are many factors that can impact the final price:

  • Seasonal rates

  • Additional guests

  • Weekly or monthly discounts

  • Tax

These factors are built into our pricing model for each home. Without the relevant information entered you will just be seeing the base rate, so it is super important to enter your dates and number of guests in order to calculate the correct price for your exact stay.

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