Is the availability and price shown on the website accurate?

In short, yes, the availability shown on the site should absolutely be accurate!

To qualify as a Plum host there are certain standards that need to be met in terms of service. Availability and pricing are some of the most important and are therefore things we monitor very closely. All Plum hosts must ensure all external calendars are synced correctly and commit to keeping all seasonal rates and other information up-to-date at all times. This is clearly laid out in section 2.4 of our host agreement which must be agreed to before we publish the home on the website

Is the price shown the correct total?

Yes - you just need to make sure the correct dates and number of guests are entered on the listing and the price displayed will be the total in your home currency inclusive of all taxes and fees.

Why does the price change once I enter my dates and/or the number of guests?

There are many factors that can impact the final price:

  • Seasonal rates

  • Additional guests

  • Weekly or monthly discounts

  • Tax

These factors are built into our pricing model for each home. Without the relevant information entered you will just be seeing the base rate, so it is super important to enter your dates and number of guests in order to calculate the correct price for your exact stay.

What happens if my booking request is declined?

Because of the quality controls our hosts have to go through, declines are very much the exception rather than the norm, but unfortunately, some things are beyond our control and we can't rule them out completely.

If the host lets us down and has to decline your booking request our MatchMakers will pull out all the stops to help find an even better alternative. As an apology, we will also offer 5% off so that we can upgrade you and have the chance to show you what a true Plum experience should be like. Please reach out to us via LiveChat for support.

Why have I been charged if my request was declined?

You haven't - when you make a 'request' there will be an authorisation placed on your card, but the funds are never withdrawn until a booking is confirmed. If the host declines a booking, the authorisation is voided and will show as reversed on your statement usually within 3 working days.

What happens to the host?

We have a 3 strike policy so if a host is repeatedly declining bookings they will be in breach of our terms and we would remove them from the Plum Guide. We need to ensure we run a tight ship so that we can deliver on our promise of superior service.

This home shows no availability at all, is that a mistake?

I'm afraid not. Plum guests book short, medium and long-term stays so sometimes homes get booked for 1 year plus. I would advise reaching out to our MatchMaking team via LiveChat for assistance if you are looking for a longer stay.

My request has been pending for over 24 hours...

Our hosts are obligated to respond to all requests within 24 hours however on occasion there can be delays, particularly over the weekend when they are busy looking after guests in-stay.

If your request has been pending for over 24 hours please contact us via LiveChat and one of our MatchMakers will help troubleshoot to a) ensure the request has gone through correctly, and b) chase the host for confirmation.

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