The Plum Story

Doron, our CEO, had always been one to read thousands of reviews before making a booking. He was looking for an Airbnb in Tel Aviv and ended up booking what was really his third choice because the first two weren’t actually available, which was a frustrating process in itself!

He was feeling fed up with the booking experience but was totally blown away once he arrived. It was by far the best experience he had ever had on Airbnb. From the intricate furnishings and gorgeous view to the hand-delivered breakfast basket fresh from the market every morning it’s fair to say the home had far surpassed his expectations and he really felt like he had hit the jackpot. There really wasn’t anything on the listing or in the guest reviews that set this home apart from others with the same review scores which got him thinking… there must be a way where guests can feel like they have won the golden ticket every time that they stay.

What is Plum Guide?

Plum Guide was set up in 2015 with a view to creating the first globally recognised mark of quality - think of it as the Michelin Guide, but for homes.

We want our guests to feel like they have hit the jackpot every time they stay with us, so when we launch a new destination we first create a database of all the homes available in that market, across every platform. The homes then go through multiple rounds of quality control:

Our independent, expert Home Critics review every home, and shortlist the ones:

  1. with great design

  2. with great reviews (4.5* or more)

  3. in great locations (filtering out the dead-end neighbourhoods, undesirable or poorly located parts of town, or uninspiring countryside destinations)

We then interview the host and, if we are reassured they share our standards from a service and hospitality perspective, they are formally nominated for the Plum Award.

To win the Plum Award, a home must pass the Plum Home Test, a gruelling hospitality exam consisting of a 150-point checklist, every single one of which needs to be ticked off for a home to qualify for Plum selection. The test is conducted by an independent Home Critic and covers everything from design and location to WIFI speed, decibel levels and shower pressure.

We only put our name to homes we are 100% confident represent the top 3% in that market, and that we are 100% confident will meet the standards and expectations of the discerning Plum Guest. It’s not something we take lightly, given it’s our whole reason for existence, and our reputation depends on us getting it right, every single time.

You can read more about that process here

How is Plum Guide different to Airbnb or Vrbo?

The biggest difference is our quality controls, something that just doesn’t exist on Airbnb. Whereas anyone can create a listing on Airbnb, we proactively select and vet the top 3% of homes (and hosts) in each destination subjecting them to various rounds of quality controls. We also build all the listings ourselves to verify the photos and information available.

Is Plum Guide more expensive than Airbnb or VRBO?

Our hosts are obligated to keep price parity across all platforms, so the same home is the same price whether it is on Plum or on Airbnb. Given we only represent the top 3%, by definition, our homes are at the higher end. The cheaper homes on Airbnb are therefore likely the ones that do not meet our standards in terms of quality, design or hospitality.

What is the difference between Plum Guide and my host?

The Plum Guide is a booking platform with a mission of putting you in touch with the best hosts. Once you have booked, your host is entirely responsible for managing the home and your stay. If you have any enquiries regarding your stay, your host will be able to help you.

You can read more about who the Plum Guide is here

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