The guest cancellation policy is set by you and you are subject to a host penalty for cancelling reservations. There will be limited circumstances whereas as a result of COVID-19 the cancellation policy and the host penalty may not apply legally. Please reach out via the host help form to discuss whether this applies to your booking.

COVID-19 related cancellations

As a result of COVID-19, there will be circumstances where it is not possible for you to host or for your guest to travel and so the booking contract may be cancelled without penalty.

If a guest made a booking with us but find themselves affected by one of the following, we will always refund the guest in full:

  • The guest is living in an area where travel is not permitted

  • The guest is supposed to travel to an area where travel is not permitted

  • The guest is tested positive for Covid before their trip and will be self-isolating at the time of your booking

If the guest isn't in one of the groups above, our usual terms & conditions and cancellation policies apply.

What does this mean?

With travel restrictions rapidly changing, we are currently reviewing all cancellations on a case by case basis.

If your guest’s check-in is more than one month away, we would request you not to contact us unless you are sure you want to cancel in line with our host penalty.

NOTE: From 15 March 2020 your guests chosen cancellation policy will apply regardless of Coronavirus in most cases. We recommend to our guests selecting a home with a flexible cancellation policy that allows them to cancel in case their plans change. If they choose not to book a home with a flexible cancellation policy, we recommend for them to be taking out suitable insurance coverage.

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