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How do I sync my Plum calendar with Airbnb?
How do I sync my Plum calendar with Airbnb?

To avoid inaccurate availability on Plum Guide, we require all hosts to automate calendars sync with other platforms, including Airbnb.

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To sync your calendars across platforms, add your Airbnb iCal link to your Plum Guide listing. In this article, we will show you how.

Find your Airbnb iCal calendar link

1. Go to the Airbnb host dashboard on a desktop computer or mobile device and connect to your account (this feature is not available using the Airbnb app).

2. Select the listing tab, and select the listing you want to sync.

3. Click the Pricing and availability tab

4. Click on the Calendar sync section

5. Scroll down the page and click the link Export calendar

5. In the Export Calendar window, copy the address and paste it into the Airbnb calendar link field in your corresponding listing on Plum Guide

6. Congratulations, you have imported your Airbnb calendar iCal link to Plum Guide.

Importing your Plum Guide Ical Into Airbnb

  1. On another tab, access the Plum Guide calendar section in the host dashboard. Click on 'Export Calendar' and copy the whole link.

  2. Open another tab and go to the Listing section of your Airbnb account and select the relevant listing

  3. Go to Pricing and Availability, calendar sync

  4. Click import calendar

  5. Copy the Plum Guide iCal URL and paste it into the calendar section.

  6. Name the calendar you are about to import.

  7. Click Import calendar

Sync calendar from other platforms

How do I sync my calendar from another platform?

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