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Our Property Management System (PMS)/ Channel Manager Partners
Our Property Management System (PMS)/ Channel Manager Partners

API: The list of Partners we are integrated with

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Integrations & Connectivity at Plum Guide

We are constantly integrating with new Property Management Systems (PMS) & Channel Managers so if you can't find yours please contact our team to find out if there have been any changes recently.

For a full breakdown of what data can be synced for each integration please see here

Full Direct Integrations

  • Rentals United

  • SuperControl

  • BookingPal

  • NextPax

  • Avantio

'Light' Direct Integrations

  • Kross Booking

  • Octorate

  • Living Parisian

  • Guest Ready

  • Host Hotel Systems

  • Your Rentals

  • Silverbyte

  • TalkGuest

Indirect Connections via our Channel Managers

  • Streamline

  • Guesty

  • Escapia

  • Track

  • BookingSync

  • Lodgify

  • Many more...

Key Terms:

Full Integration = We can sync all their data

Light Integration = We sync Rates & Availability with these partners but are looking to upgrade these connections in the near future.

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