Yes, all of our homes at Plum Guide have been quality tested for WiFi... They wouldn't be in the top 3% if they didn't!

When a home is nominated for a Plum award we screen all past guest reviews to ensure are no issues with the WIFI. We also interview the host to get the details of their WIFI connection to ensure it is reliable.

When we test the home we measure the WIFI speed for ourselves so, for tested homes, you can find the WIFI speed in the 'key details' section:

15 Mbps is the minimum requirement for WIFI at Plum, so should we have any concerns they will be listed in the home truths section of each listing e.g:

Please note that these are in line with our impossibly high standards and are there to ensure there are absolutely no surprises. Ultimately, we would not list a home on the Plum Guide if the WIFI wasn't sufficient. If it wasn't tip-top when we tested it we will be working with the host to improve it before the next stay.

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