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Partnerships: Business Terms and Conditions
Partnerships: Business Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for being a Partner with Plum Guide

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Plum Partnership Business Terms

  • Plum will provide commissionable and competitive rates and business terms to all our valued partners

  • Partner commission is paid at the rate of 7.5% on the accommodation cost of each booking

  • Plum will quote rates that are inclusive of VAT which is charged on Plum fees, where applicable

  • A booking will only be confirmed upon receipt of full or a part payment, the terms of which can be negotiated at the time of enquiry

  • Plum is happy to discuss and agree on payment schedules but credit terms cannot be offered

  • Plum can accept payments made through Braintree, Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, Amex or by Bank Transfer

  • Plum can quote and take payment in the following currencies: GBP, EUR, USD, DKK, ILS, AUD & NZD

  • Partner commissions will be paid after departure and on receipt of a commission invoice being received and approved. Invoices should be sent to and include the following information:

  • A security deposit will only be charged when payment is made by bank transfer. If the reservation is secured by card payment a security deposit is not taken at the time of booking as card details are used.

  • Once a booking has been confirmed an agreement is entered into directly with the host and with Plum

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