Finding the Perfect Stay can be hard

95% of homes on Airbnb have a grade of 4.5 stars or higher, but quality varies massively in reality. How do you know if what you see is what you’re going to get? How do you know the neighbourhood is safe or cool?

What people want is expert, objective guidance

That’s where our Experts come in!

The Plum Guide’s Experts offer a personalised, high-touch booking service, and assist over 50% of our customers. We can answer all the detailed questions that really matter to you- from the exact number of stairs you need to climb to reach the front door, to helping you find a perfect home for that family holiday with both grandparents and teenagers

We collect over 500 data points on every home, so our Experts can both answer your ad-hoc questions, and ‘match’ you to your ideal home, based on your unique set of requirements. And its real human help either on livechat, email or at the end of a phone when you need it - both whilst booking and during the stay

If you want help, start a chat with us and select the option that is most applicable to you.

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