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How to Activate your Rentals United Connection
How to Activate your Rentals United Connection

Rentals United

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Step 1: Host Level Activation

  • Go to 'My Services' in your RU Dashboard and click 'Get Connected' for the Plum Guide Channel.

  • Go through the below checklist and click 'Connect'

Step 2: Enable your properties

  • Once you have successfully activated the Plum Guide channel you can activate your properties.

  • Go to 'My Services' -> Plum Guide -> Property Settings -> Enable


  • Please set the appropriate Scaling/ Uplift

  • If you add new properties in RU you will need to Activate these manually

Step 3: Confirming Data is Feeding through

  • Once both your Host Account & Properties have been Activated please inform the Plum Guide team so that they can begin the screening process.

  • They will contact you with a final list of Homes that have been approved to go on our platform.

  • You will follow the normal Plum Guide onboarding process from then on.


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