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How to Activate your NextPax Connection
How to Activate your NextPax Connection


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Three Steps

If you have already activated your NP <> Plum Guide Connection you can skip Step 1.

Step 1: Host Level Activation

  • You have to sign a NextPax addendum confirming you wish to activate a new Channel/ OTA

  • Please contact your NextPac Account Manager in order for them to generate this addendum

  • Sign NextPax addendum

    IMPORTANT: When activating the connection, the NextPax Account Manager should double-check that the Rates & Additional Fees being sent to Plum Guide are in the same currency (Plum Guide does not support multi currencies)

Step 2: Property Level Activation/ Push

  • After signing the addendum please Select which properties you wish to send to Plum Guide.

  • Every home will be graded, so please send all your inventory.


  • You must set the appropriate Scaling/ Uplift when Activating the property

  • New properties added to NextPax will not be automatically sent to us. Please Activate/ Push these through accordingly and inform your Plum Guide Sales/ Account Manager.

Step 3: Confirm the Data is Feeding through

After Steps 1 & 2, the Plum Guide team will reach out to inform you of how many homes passed the Plum Guide screening process and which homes can go live.

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