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How to Activate your SuperControl Connection
How to Activate your SuperControl Connection

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Step 1: Host Level Activation

Open the SuperControl Dashboard and go to:

Integrations → Channel Manager → International → Plum Guide

You will be presented with some Key Info on Plum Guide & then click ‘Send your nomination to Plum Guide’

Step 2: Activate Your Properties

Tick the checkbox for the properties you wish to have screened by the Plum Guide.

REMEMBER: Please set the appropriate Uplift when Activating your property. Plum Guide team can assist you with the exact percentages.

Additional Note: New properties added to SuperControl need to be Enabled for Plum Guide channel to see them.

Step 3: Confirm Data is Feeding Through

Please contact your Sales/ Account Manager to confirm the homes are coming through. If you are a new Host please contact

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