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Amenities, Location, & What is Provided
Amenities, Location, & What is Provided

Amenities, address, bed size, ensuites, stairs, elevator, hair dryer, kitchen items, towels, linens, crockery, baby equipment, outside space

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What amenities can I find at the home?

The 'top amenities' will be displayed right underneath the home description. If you then click on 'show all amenities' it will show you a complete list of what amenities you can expect to find at the home including:

  • Entertainment options (TV, streaming options etc)

  • Bathroom (hair dryer, tub etc)

  • Kitchen & Dining (coffee machine, dishwasher etc)

  • Bedroom & Laundry (washing machine, dryer, iron etc)

  • Wellness & Fitness (pool, hot tub, tennis court, gym acces etc)

  • Internet & Office (WIFI, work space)

  • Heating & Cooling (air conditioning, fireplace, central heating, fans)

  • Parking & Access (elevator, parking options)

  • Outdoor (rooftop, balcony, garden etc)

What are the sleeping and bathroom arrangements?

If you scroll down to the 'Bed and Bathrooms' section on the listing it will show you the number of bedrooms, individual beds, and bathrooms. If you then click on 'show sleeping arrangements' it will give you more details on bed sizes, bedroom storage, decibel level etc:

And f you keep scrolling:

What is the exact location?

For security reasons we are unable to give the full address of the home until the booking is confirmed however if you scroll to the map on the listing it does pinpoint the exact location with the ability to zoom in and out. That means you can see exactly where on the street is is including cross streets etc:

What floor is the home on and is there an elevator?

If you scroll to the 'good to know' section under the ' All The Details' section on the listing it will provide access information including which floor the entrance to the home is on and whether or not there is an elevator:

You can also see whether or not there is an elevator in the amenities section described above. For any more details please contact your host.

Are towels, linens, crockery etc provided?

Yes absolutely - you don't need to take any of that with you. All Plum hosts will provide fresh towels, high-quality linens, and enough utensils for the maximum number of guests to cook and eat a nice meal.

Can the host provide a high chair and/or crib for infants?

Most hosts will be able to provide equipment for infants, or if not, at least recommend rental services. I would therefore recommend reaching out to them directly to see what can and can't be arranged.

Is the pool heated and, if so, is there an additional charge?

It will usually say in the 'home truths' or 'optional fees' section whether or not the pool is heated and if there is an additional charge. For any further details please contact your host.

Is the garden fully enclosed?

I'm afraid we don't always have this information available. If it is not written on the listing, it is best to ask your host for details.

How do I search for homes with specific amenities?

To search for homes with parking click on the ‘filters’ box on the top right-hand side of the search bar:

You can then tick the relevant features or amenities you require and click 'view homes'

Anything else?

For any other details about the amenities listed, I would recommend you contact your host since they are the ones who manage the homes on a day-to-day basis.

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