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Discounts & Long-term stays

discounts, monthly stays

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Do you offer weekly discounts?

All prices are set by the host rather than by us and many of them do offer discounts for stays of 1 week or longer. Once your dates are entered on a listing any applicable discounts will be automatically applied. The price shown is the total price inclusive of the discount stated:

Do you offer monthly rates?

Similarly to the above, most hosts will offer monthly rates for longer stays. Although the prices will still be listed nightly, any applicable monthly discounts will automatically be applied once your dates are entered on the listing:

Do you offer long-term stays?

Although our bread and butter is the short to mid-term market (anything from 3-nights to 6 months), we do also accommodate stays of up to a year or longer in some cases.

For help picking out the best homes for long stays please get in touch with our MatchMaking team.

Are the rates negotiable?

Generally speaking, for shorter stays hosts are not willing to negotiate beyond the discounts they have already set on the website.

For stays longer than 3 months or so they are sometimes open to negotiation. As a general rule, you might see hosts come down another 10-20% however since it is them that sets the price and not us it does work on a case-by-case (or host-by-host) basis.

Our MatchMakers are best placed to advise, negotiate, and pick out the very best options for your budget, so please do get in touch with your requirements.

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