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Affiliates - Commissions and Payment
Affiliates - Commissions and Payment
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We pay commissions of 7% on confirmed bookings (where a user stays in the house/apartment).

If a booking is made and then is subsequently cancelled by the guest we do not pay out on this.

Tracking of Bookings for commission

Tracking is done by Partnerize, we are currently sending them events from our server which is their best form of tracking. On the booking confirmation, we additionally sent the event from the front end as an extra precaution.


Payment is only made after checkout (once the user completes their stay) and we do the reconciliation and settlement once a month.

How to check when you will be paid for future bookings

If you go to partnerize analytics --> Transaction Report

Here you can see all the transactions related to your account and a 6-digit conversion reference:

Then you can go here and search for that conversion reference and find the checkout date associated with that reference.

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