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Affiliates - How to sell
Affiliates - How to sell
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In order to generate commission you need to generate bookings on Plum Guide

The following is advice on how to do that:

  • Plum Guide is relatively small in comparison to big Brands such as Airbnb, VRBO, Booking. We suggest you write about how Plum Guide is different to these brands, you can find out more here and in the image below. We suggest you use our creative to land this message.

    • We also suggest you amplify the fact that we are a real brand that loves and looks after our customers and that our Trustpilot is 4.3 stars vs other platforms which are all below 2.0 stars.

  • Use our creative to generate engaging content and beautiful images - we are a luxury brand so users need to feel this.

  • Our best-performing affiliates are these websites:

  • Learnings from our best affiliates

    • They focus on locations where they have domain knowledge and align that with locations that have the best chance of converting but also where we have sufficient coverage of homes.

    • In order to maximise your chance of generating a booking, we suggest linking to a landing page and not just a single home. Homes change and are just a single choice while our landing pages give the user choice. Just google Plum Guide + Location to find the landing page of your choice

    • They sell the user on Plum Guide and let them know who we are so they look at our site with context

  • Choosing Homes

    • We suggest using this to choose homes if you are going to pick specific homes

    • Filter for the location you are choosing

    • Select the homes with a good availability ratio (what % of days can be booked in the next 180 days)

    • Select homes which are high selling and have a high pop score (how often people click on them)

    • We suggest removing homes whose sellability score is before 4.

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