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Partnerships: Social Media Content

Details about how to share Plum homes on your socials

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We greatly appreciate our partners enthusiasm in sharing our content with their guests via social media, highlighting us as their preferred supplier in the home stay space.

To maintain the exclusivity of some of our collections, we have developed a comprehensive brand pack accessible to all partners. This pack contains content specifically curated for external sharing.

On top of this, we also encourage partners to utilise the homes featured in our marketing emails for their social media promotions.

To ensure clarity and consistency, we have outlined these guidelines to help partners navigate their content sharing efforts effectively. Our aim is to foster a collaborative environment while upholding the integrity and exclusivity of our brand and collections.

We remain committed to supporting our partners in their marketing endeavours and appreciate their cooperation in adhering to these guidelines.

To access our brand pack, please click here

*Please note, partners are kindly reminded not to present these homes as their own and should consistently disclose that availability and pricing are subject to change. It's essential to consult with a Matchmaker before providing any information on the availability or rates to ensure accuracy.

*Plum Guide will not be held responsible for the delivery of incorrect information where a Matchmaker has not been consulted first.

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