What are the check-in/check-out times?

These are set by the host so vary from home-to-home. You will find the relevant information on the listing page in the 'key details' section e.g:

Can I have an early check-in or late check-out?

Our hosts will always try to be flexible when it comes to early check-in/late check-out but it will depend on availability. For example, if someone is checking out that morning they will need time to clean in line with our COVID cleaning guidelines and complete the changeover, so it likely won’t be possible. Since availability can change, our hosts usually can't confirm this until a day or two before arrival. If you want to guarantee it, you will need to book the night before/after in addition.

If you are happy to take the chance I would recommend writing on your booking form what your preferred check-in and check-out times are so the host has that information with your booking and can advise on likelihood and any applicable charges. You can of course contact the host at any time to discuss options.

How do I get my check-in details?

Check-in should be arranged directly with your host whose contact details will be on your confirmation email along with the exact address of the property. Most hosts will meet you at the property at the agreed time to show you around and answer any questions. In other instances, there might be a keypad or lockbox, which will usually be stated in the home truths section e.g:

If you would like to discuss the check-in arrangements prior to making the booking please contact the host.

Can I check-in after-hours?

Our hosts are used to accommodating check-ins at all times, especially for those flying in internationally. Usually, hosts will ask for your flight or arrival details and plan the check-in around that.

Some hosts will have an additional charge for check-in after a certain time which will be listed in the 'home truths' section on the listing and/or in the house rules e.g.

What is the check-out procedure?

The check-out procedure is conducted by the host so will vary depending on where you are staying. Some hosts will come to meet you at the property at a pre-agreed time to collect the keys and carry out an inspection. Others will just tell you where to leave the keys. If there is any damage at the home the host will need to make a claim within 48 hours of the check-out. We will act as an intermediary between you and the host so nothing will be charged from the security deposit until it is proven and agreed upon.

If you would like to discuss the check-out process in more detail prior to making the booking please contact the host.

What should I do if something is not as expected when I check in?

If something is not as you expected, you should contact your host within twenty-four hours of check-in to report any discrepancies between the listing and what has been provided. We are of course always on hand to act as an intermediary when needed, so if you would like us to step in please fill out this form.

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