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Partner Distribution Network

More information about Plum listings on selected partners' websites

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What is the Partner Distribution Network?

We are launching our high quality listings on a selection of distribution partners’ sites to supercharge the visibility of your home to only high quality audiences. Plum Guide listings (with all the merchandising you love) in front of more potential guests - allowing us to provide scale but with the Plum Guide quality. Please find more details on this page. You can opt out here if you are not interested.

How does the Partner Distribution Network benefit our hosts?

Additional high-quality exposure at no extra cost

Your listing will be seen by millions of pairs of eyes every day

Your home will stand out on the platforms thanks to Plum Guide’s high quality listing

Our industry leading merchandising quality will make your home / brand a true standout

Access to the most valuable customer segments across multiple platforms

We use a variety of data points and leverage the partners’ targeting capabilities

If you would rather not participate, you can opt out here


How much does it cost?

There is no extra cost to you, only additional revenue opportunities

What do I need to do to be listed?

Your home needs to be ‘instant book’ with minimal declines

Aren’t bookings from partners at a lower quality?

We can maintain quality by manipulating a set of parameters such as lengths of stay, booking lead times and adding age restrictions

How will I manage bookings coming from a third party channel?

These bookings will come through as a standard Plum booking and be managed through Plum

What if I am already listed on those platforms?

If you are already listed and would like to continue to manage your listings you can opt out of Plum Guide's Partner Distribution Network below

What data are we sharing?

We value privacy at Plum Guide, full address is hidden and email address is only shared in the confirmation email

What if I don’t want to be listed?

You can continue to list with Plum without needing to be listed on the other platforms. If you want to opt out, you can do so here

Where exactly are you listing my property?, Expedia, VRBO, Hometogo, Holidu for now. We might change this list in the future

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