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Account Settings and Email Preferences
Account Settings and Email Preferences

Changing your Password, Email Preferences, Changing your account email

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Changing your Account Settings and Email Preferences

Within your account settings, you can change your password and edit your email preferences.

To do this follow these instructions:

  1. Go to your dashboard (you must be logged in to access this)

  2. Click on the Account Settings section in the Dashboard

Here you can edit your password and your email preferences, remember to click on the Update Password or Save Notifications button at the bottom of the page to record your changes.

If you are not receiving guest messages this will be due to your Email Preferences which need to be updated or the emails are in your Spam folder.

This short video demonstrates how to do this

Enabling SMS Notifications

In order to see and respond to booking request and guest messages more quickly, we highly recommend enabling SMS text notifications on your dashboard. To do so, please follow the below instructions:

  1. On your Settings tab, scroll down to "Email Preferences"

  2. Check the fourth box, "Text message (SMS) notifications: Notify me when I have a new message, booking update, and more via text message (SMS) alerts.

Other Account Changes

If you would like to make the following changes to your account please complete our host form. Someone from our team will get in touch as soon as possible.

  1. Change the main email address assigned to the account

  2. Transfer a listing to a different account (Please note that to start this process, we require approval from the current listing owner and new account owner).

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