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Partnerships: Cancellations
Partnerships: Cancellations

How Plum Guide reduces the risk of cancellation and deals with them if they occur

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Plum Guide works hard to build long-lasting and trusted relationships with our hosts. Our Plum Guide testing includes a detailed interview with each host where expectations are outlined. If a host does unexpectedly cancel your booking please be assured our team will always help to try and find a suitable new home for the guest.

Under reasonable circumstances, Partner commission will be paid on cancelled bookings only where Plum Guide receives their service fees. The amount paid to the partner will be in line with the percentage of total service fees received by Plum Guide and per the cancellation policy of the home booked. No Partner commission payment will be made on any cancelled bookings where Plum Guide does not receive any service fees.

See Plum Guide cancellation policies here.

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