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Partnerships: General FAQs
Partnerships: General FAQs

Creating an Partnership Account, Inclusive Cleaning

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Creating a Partnership Account

It is really easy to register as a Plum Partner:

  • The first step is to complete and submit your details via our short sign up form here

  • Your application will then be processed in 48 hours and once approved an email will be sent to you with instructions to set up your password.

  • Once this is completed you will be ready to go and able to book independently online under your partner account.

  • While you are waiting for your account to be approved you can still make enquiries and bookings which can be attributed to your account.

Is weekly cleaning inclusive?

Weekly cleaning is typically not included in your rate when booking a Plum home. Hosts however must be able to provide cleaning and linen change services should a guest require them. These will usually be chargeable and will need to be prearranged. Some hosts do offer rates inclusive of these weekly services.

Do the online rates include commission?

Yes, all of our published rates are inclusive of 7.5% commission.

Am I able to pay by bank transfer?

Absolutely! Bank transfer is our preferred payment method for partners. Should you wish to proceed with bank transfer, please reach out to our Matchmaking team who will be able to help you.

(Payment by card can also be made online)

My bookings are appearing in my name instead of my clients; what do I do?

Due to the way our platform is built, all partner bookings are completed under the agents login, thus meaning every booking will be in your name. The clients details should be shared with the host directly at the point of booking. More information on the booking process can be seen here.

What is a partner code and how do I use it?

A partner code is a unique code that your clients can use to book directly with Plum guide ensuring the booking is still commissionable to you. You do NOT need to use it when booking on behalf of your client, but YOUR CLIENT should use it at checkout if booking direct, by selecting "I have a code" followed by "I have a partner code" at checkout.

Still, have more questions?

Have a look at the rest of our Articles in regard to partnerships.

If you still need more help start a live chat with us, where someone in real-time will be able to answer your question.

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