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Partnerships: The Booking Process
Partnerships: The Booking Process

How the booking process works for a Partner

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Offline Booking Process
Get our Plum Experts to help you find the perfect stay

  • Email your request to
    Please include as much detail as possible to help our team hand-pick the very best homes to meet all your requirements:

  • Dates (and if flexible)

  • Location (and if flexible)

  • Number of guests

  • Number of bedrooms

  • Budget (and if flexible)

  • Any special requests, style preferences, or requirements

  • One of our Plum Experts will send you a selection of cherry-picked homes that match your needs.

  • Hopefully one of our suggested homes is your perfect match and you wish to book it, but please let us know if it isn’t quite what you’re looking for and we’ll continue our search for you. Once you are ready to book a home let us know.

  • Completing your booking is easy: simply check and complete the details in the link we send you and make a full, or an agreed part payment, by credit card or bank transfer to confirm your booking.

  • We want our guests to feel relaxed before they travel. Every Plum host provides check-in and key-collection details at least 48 hours before arrival to help guests prepare for their trip.

Online Booking Process
Booking the perfect stay yourself

  • For the online booking: Once you have found the perfect home and you are ready to book, firstly, ensure you are logged into your partner account

  • Then begin the check-out process. Follow the instructions and make payment as requested.

  • In the instance your client would prefer to book themselves under their own account, this can still be attributed to your partner account. During the booking process, they will need to add your partner code when prompted on the checkout page.

  • To do this you need to click on add voucher on the right-hand side and then under the section add the code to the partner code section. The screenshots detail this

  • If it is an instant book home you will receive confirmation instantly, if it is a request to book property the host will be notified of your request and you will be notified when they have confirmed the booking, which is typically within 24 hours.

Reserving a Home while the payment is finalised

Placing a home on hold while booking details and payment is finalised can be agreed by a host at their discretion. Plum will always make this request with the host on our partners' behalf to try and aid and assist the booking process.

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