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Why does my payout not match my earnings dashboard?
Why does my payout not match my earnings dashboard?

Reconciling your payment to the booking

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There are a number of reasons why the payout you receive in your bank account may not exactly match what you see in your earnings dashboard, which we will provide more detail on below. But rest assured, we will never deduct any money from your payouts without notifying you first.

Reasons you may receive less than expected:

  • Cancellation fees – if you have cancelled a previous booking we may have charged you a 20% cancellation fee which we need to recoup from a future payout

  • Pre agreed reclaims – if a guest had a bad experience and you offered a partial refund or some compensation, we pay this to the guest on your behalf and then recoup it from a future payout

  • Overpayments – if for any reason you have been overpaid (for example if a guest was unhappy and had to cancel mid stay, but you had already been paid in full), we would recoup any amounts owed to us from your next payout

Why is my payout still pending when the due date has passed?

If your payout is past its due date and is still showing as pending, it may be because you still need to onboard to Hyperwallet and enter your bank details. Please log in to your host dashboard and go to payout preferences to check all of your details are correctly entered.

If you have recently been asked to verify your details, this can take a couple of days to go through. Please wait 48 hours before contacting the care team.

If your bank details have been provided and you completed verification more than 48 hours ago and your booking still hasn't been paid, please contact our host care team on detailing the booking code and payout amount. They aim to respond within 24 hours.

Why did I receive less than the guest paid?

Guests pay a service fee plus any applicable sales tax. Hosts pay the host service fee of typically 3% of the total accommodation charges, plus any applicable sales tax, as well as a one-time onboarding fee for each home. This will be charged on your first check-in (chronologically) only.

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