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Setting up your Hyperwallet Account (Step- by Step)
Setting up your Hyperwallet Account (Step- by Step)
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Hyper-wallet is our purpose-built payout platform that allows hosts to receive payment. It is important for hosts to set up their accounts as soon as possible, to avoid delays in payouts. We are unable to process payments until the Hyperwallet has been set up correctly.

Single payee set-up

  1. Log in to your Plum Guide account.

  2. Click on Account (above the Log out button)

  3. Click on Payout preferences

  4. Select the I am the only payee option

  5. Choose one of the Account type options for individuals incl. sole trader/partnerships

  6. Fill in your details; name, email, DOB etc.

  7. When finished, click Create An Account and confirm that you will be able to provide proof of identity as well as your email address.

How to add bank details

On Payout methods, depending on where your listing is based, the site will ask you to add a new payout method. i.e in the UK, it will be GBP.

  1. Click on ‘Add Payout Method For GBP

  2. Then Add Bank Account Details for GBP which will allow you to select the Bank account registration country and the Account type.

  3. Fill in the details and ignore the Building Society Account if you do not have a building society.

  4. Click Submit.

Once you receive a payout that is over 2,500 euros you will have to go through verification showing proof of ID and address.

Registered business with multiple payees

  1. Log in to the Plum Guide account

  2. Click on Account

  3. Click Payout preferences

  4. Click on manage payees

  5. Confirm when the window pops up

  6. You may be informed that you have listings that are unassigned. Click ‘Add a new payee’.

  7. Click Registered Business and fill out everything correctly.

  8. Click Create an Account

  9. Confirm that you can provide proof of ID as well as all required business information.

Now the account has been created, we can now add the bank details:

  1. Click Manage payee

  2. Click Add a listing to assign a listing to it

  3. A window will appear showing the listings that you have, that do not have bank details assigned to them. Click on the right listing.

We will now add payout methods:

  1. Select where the bank is located and add ‘Registered Business’

  2. Fill in the account details

  3. The building society is only relevant if you have a business society account. If you don’t just leave it blank

  4. When complete, click Submit.

If you return back to the Listings, you will see that you can add another listing to the created payee.

If you go back to Payment Preferences, it may show you that you have other Unassigned Listings. You will be able to add another new payee whether it is an individual or a registered business.

Go through the steps once more and assign the listing to them. If they are to be paid to the same bank account as the payee selected before, click on Manage payee and assign the remaining listing(s) to them.

Once you receive a payout that is over 2,500 euros you will have to go through verification showing proof of ID and address.

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