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How can I add the Plum Guide stamp to my photos?
How can I add the Plum Guide stamp to my photos?

Promote your homes with our stamp of approval

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Finding your stamped images

  1. Go to your dashboard (you will have to log in first if you aren’t already) here.

  2. Click through the light blue banner at the top of your dashboard “click here to download stamped images of your home for use on your own site or social channels”

Downloading your images

  1. First, decide where you’d like to post your images.

  2. At the top right you’ll see a drop-down menu with “Image Format” next to it. Click on “Web or LinkedIn” to change to the format you require.

  3. If you have several homes, please update the drop-down menu 'Select a Home'.

  4. Select your image from the 3 options to the left of your screen.

    5. Download!

Posting your images

  1. Once you’ve downloaded your images, post to Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn but don’t forget to tag us @plumguide.

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