Since it is the host that manages the home, any ad-hoc requests will need their approval, so please contact your host to discuss.

Can the minimum night stay be reduced?

Hosts are not usually willing to shorten the minimum night stay requirement that they have selected for their home. Often it is a legal requirement as certain cities have rental regulations that mean some homes can only be rented for a 30-night minimum. This is especially true in Paris, New York and Los Angeles. In other cases, it is just the host's preference.

If your stay is filling a gap between two other bookings and/or you are travelling during a time where there is very low demand the host may consider it so you should contact them directly to discuss.

NB you can see the minimum night stay for each home is please go to the listing page and enter a check-in date on the calendar:

Will the host offer a more flexible cancellation policy?

For most hosts, the cancellation policy is usually non-negotiable. We do offer a COVID policy that will override the policy set by the host in the event you can't travel due to restrictions.

Can we bring an additional guest(s)?

Generally speaking, the maximum occupancy listed will be the maximum number of guests allowed in the home at any one time. In some cases, a host may allow an additional guest or two, particularly if they are children or not staying for the full duration of the trip. It is highly unlikely they would allow more than 2 additional guests.

If you would like to enquire about bringing an additional guest please contact your host to discuss highlighting if you would need them to add something like a futon or an air bed.

Can beds be split or made up as a double?

Some hosts have zip link beds which means they can be set up as either twins or a double. If that is the case you will find it in the 'home truths' section on the listing e.g:

It is unlikely that a host will be able to replace any beds entirely, especially for a short stay.


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