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How to accept a booking request
How to accept a booking request

Host to accept a booking request

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How do I know I have a booking in request?

In your Dashboard, under “Settings,” you’ll be able to turn on email and SMS notifications for booking requests. If you opt-in, you’ll receive an email and SMS text from us (if you don’t, you’ll just receive an email).

The other way you might find out about a booking is if our MatchMaking team reaches out to you with a special request. In that case, they will help to complete the booking and keep you informed.

How do I accept it?

  1. Log in to your Dashboard

  2. Go to Reservations, then Pending Requests

  3. Click Confirm Booking

There also will be a link to confirm a booking in the email you receive from us.

We ask that you accept or decline a booking and notify the guest within 24 hours. We have a low tolerance for declines, so please ensure your calendars and pricing are all up to date.

How do I communicate with the guest?

  1. Via the dashboard host Inbox

  2. By replying to the email directly in your inbox using the proxy email

  3. Our MatchMaking team may also reach out with ad-hoc enquiries as they are selling your home(s). This is usually at the enquiry stage and is not confirmed until you receive the booking email/SMS.

  4. If you need to send the guest a Welcome pack, or other PDF files, please refer to the instructions in this article.

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