How as a Host can I change my cancellation policy?

You can do this yourself in your host dashboard. This article has detailed instructions on how to do this

Why do you recommend the Relaxed Cancellation Policy?

It's entirely your decision which policy you choose, but our guests often feel more comfortable with a more relaxed policy, which means that they're more likely to book your home.

Homes with Relaxed get 50% more bookings than homes with Firm Policies

Can I use a custom cancellation policy?

Unfortunately not. We've worked hard on our existing cancellation policies, and all of them are specifically designed to protect you, as a host, in the event that a guest cancels. They are all legally binding, so we need you to choose one of ours.

What fees does Plum Guide keep when a guest cancels a booking?

The only fees that Plum keeps when a guest cancels their booking within the terms of your chosen cancellation policy is the guest service fee.

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