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Frequently asked questions by host in relation to cancellations and cancellation policies

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How can I change the cancellation policy on my home?

To change the cancellation policy of your home, you should visit your host dashboard. You can find detailed instructions on how to do this in this article.

Please note that any changes made to the cancellation policy of a home will only apply to future bookings and booking requests. The cancellation policy in place at the time when a booking request was made or a booking confirmed will remain unaffected.

Why choose a Relaxed cancellation policy?

While the choice of a cancellation policy for your home is entirely up to you, our data shows that guests are more likely to book a home with a more flexible cancellation policy. Homes with a Relaxed cancellation policy receive 50% more bookings than homes with Firm and SuperFirm cancellation policies.

Can I choose a custom cancellation policy?

We don't offer custom cancellation policies but instead have 7 options available to choose from and fit your needs as a unique host.

Our cancellation policies offer variations in the time frames offered for cancellations and corresponding refunds. They apply to cancellation requested by guests and are all legally binding. You can find the details about each of our cancellation policy in this article.

What fees does Plum Guide keep when a guest cancels a booking?

The only fees that Plum keeps when a guest cancels their booking within the terms of your chosen cancellation policy is the guest service fee.

How does a Host cancel a booking?

In order to cancel a booking, you need to contact customer care either via chat or email us at Please have your 6 digit booking code to hand.
Please note as per below and our terms and conditions for most cases there are fees for cancelling reservations.

What happens if I have to cancel a booking?

Our promise is to match guests with the best homes and hosts in the world for an incredible stay experience. To fulfil that promise, we’re looking for hosts who honour their bookings, day in, and day out.

In the event of host cancellation:

  • In addition to refunding the full accommodation charges, you will also need to pay a penalty fee/amount equivalent to 20% of the accommodation charges for the booking.

  • We reserve the right to reduce or not charge this amount based on the circumstances of the cancellation in our sole discretion.

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