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Pricing, Discounts and Additional Fees
Pricing, Discounts and Additional Fees

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Plum has a dashboard that allows you to edit various settings in regard to your listing (home). If you are looking for account-related settings please go here. Account Settings are more universal (your email address, host photo) while listing settings are specific to that listing.

This article covers Pricing, these 2 other articles cover other listing settings:

This video demonstrates how you can adjust your prices, fees and discounts

Base Rates

Nightly Price

The nightly price is also known as the base rate and it is the amount you as the host receive before all additional fees. This rate should be the same as other platforms or your direct website.

Weekend Prices (Friday and Saturday evening)

The weekend price is also known as the weekend base rate and it is the amount you as the host receive before all additional fees for stays over the weekend

If you are enrolled in our Price Sync tool or using an API connection, please note this will override your dashboard prices. However, please do maintain your base nightly rate and discounts to ensure the accuracy of the tool.

Additional Fees

Cleaning Fees

These are added to the total cost of the book. This does not vary with the number of days of the booking or the number of guests.

Additional Guest Fee

You can set how much extra you would like to charge per guest per night after x guest number.
E.g. £10 per guest after 3 guests, this means for each guest number higher than 3 guests an additional £10 is charged per guest per night. E.g. 6 guests = (6-3) 3 x £10 per night.

In order to adjust these rates follow these instructions:

  • Go to your dashboard (you must be logged in)

  • Click on Listing

  • Choose the listing you would like to amend

  • Click on Prices and preferences on the left-hand side

  • Enter the rates you desire

  • Remember to save your preferences at the bottom of the page

  • There is a video at the bottom of this page with more instructions

Custom Nightly Prices

We also allow you to set specific prices per night or for a special range of dates. For these periods you are setting the nightly price/base rate, instead of your nightly or weekend price.

This is done in the calendar section of the dashboard and to do so please follow these instructions. The video below details how to do this as well.

  • Go here - you must be logged in

  • Click Calendar on the left-hand side

  • To edit the prices for specific days click on specific dates you would like to block. You can drag your cursor across multiple days to select multiple days.

  • Enter the prices you would like to have for those days

  • Save your changes

  • You can do this as many times as you need to, to have specific prices where you like.


We encourage you to set Discounts for different lengths of stay in order to encourage longer bookings.

Discounts can be set on Weekly Stays (7-27 Days) and Monthly Stays (28 and more days).

The discount % is applied to your nightly, weekend or custom nightly price. E.g. Before cleaning and additional guest fees.

These can be set in the pricing tab.

We do not offer discounts other than the two above, if you want to reduce the price for a specific day you need to use calendar as above to do this.

Security Deposit

You can set a security deposit amount to cover any guest damages above general wear and tear. Please note that if a large amount is set this may deter bookings.

In order to claim this amount, you must contact our Host Care Team. Please email or connect via live chat here. You must report all damage within 48 hours of the guest checking out.

You can set this in the Pricing and terms section of your dashboard

Additional Services (Add ons)

If a guest wants one of the extra services you can provide, they'll let us know, and we'll then charge them and let you know. That gives you time to arrange everything, and we send you the money along with the rest of your payment. We don't take any fees on these extra services.

If you would like to add additional services to your listing such as things such Airport pick up, daily cleaning, ridge fills or a private chef then please complete this form and let us know the details. Someone from our team will be in touch with you to confirm these details:

These details are advertised on your listing under the section: View add-on services

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